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Handmade Ringal Yoga Mat | 6ft x 2ft 4in

Handmade Ringal Yoga Mat | 6ft x 2ft 4in

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One of the best ways to cope with the winters is to go on walks or exercise. It helps keep the body warm and makes you feel much better during the winters. It involves getting over a little intertia. But once you're at it, it feels great! This yoga mat is a great substitute.

We wish you could be at Nayalap to go on long invigorating walks. However, since such wishful thinking rarely bears fruit, here's an exercise mat to help you work out at home. You can use it as a Yoga mat, other stretching exercises or to do your strength exercises.

It is handmade near the Pindari Glacier. Not only does it function as great mat to exercise in, it also looks good and unique. Since the product is handmade, there might be minor differences to what advertised. The mat can be customised as per request. Please write to us for any special request.


Ringal Grass

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