About Bakhli - The team behind Kumaoni goodness

Most people from the hills know a Bakhli. A Bakhli is a row of village houses joined together. Each house has its own kitchen, a place for cattle and bedrooms. The houses would be joined as all houses would be owned by relatives. It may be a group of brothers and their families or the parents, their children and their families.

The stone courtyard of a Bakhli would be common. It would signify the togetherness of social life and that, while income may be generated in the fields or from the cattle, life revolved around the home.

In the summers, fruit trees around the bakhli would be consumed during the lazy afternoons. During winters, wheat would be threshed at the Bakhli, chillies would be dried on the roof and spices would be ground in the Hawandasta in the courtyard.

A Bakhli signifies the Kumaoni way of living. It is this good life that we bring to you. Read more about how we started the portfolio.

Tanuja and Anindya - team at Bakhli

The team

After a combined experience in travel and eCommerce of over 20 years, Tanuja and Anindya feel that they are back where they belong - working out of a village in Kumaon and sharing what it has to offer, with the rest of the country.

Bakhli is their second project - along with Nayalap, a 4-tent glamping destination set in the village of Shitlakhet