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Handmade Ringal Fruit Basket | 18cm diameter, 12cm height

Handmade Ringal Fruit Basket | 18cm diameter, 12cm height

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The season brings to your home some of the best fruits. From beautiful apples to bright oranges to persimmons and more; winter fruits are great for those cold afternoons. Now, you can use this Ringal Fruit Basket to store and display them.

The basket is handmade from Ringal grass - a thinner grass but of the same bamboo family. Since it is thinner, the weaves are more intricate leading to a more detailed finish. Ringal crafts from Uttarakhand have a GI tag attached to them - which means that they are as unique to Uttarakhand as tea is to Darjeeling. This Ringal Fruit Basket has been made by the same craftsmen.

All of these crafts can be customised as per your requirements. Since these are handmade, there may be some minor differences in the dimensions of the product. To customise or for bulk requirements, you can connect with us.


Ringal Grass

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The product will be delivered within 7-14 days of order. Returns will be accepted in case of damage in transit. Please send a picture of the damage within 24hrs of delivery.


18cm diameter. 12cm height

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