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Seasoned Handmade Hammered Iron Kadai w/ Riveted Handles | Free Delivery

Seasoned Handmade Hammered Iron Kadai w/ Riveted Handles | Free Delivery

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This chemical-free Iron Kadai is the best and healthy alternative to toxic Teflon-coated non-stick pans.
  • Key Features
    • Heavy Gauge - These Kadais are passed down the generations
    • Retains heat for long
    • Handles: The kadai has two sturdy rivetted handles on either side, which make it easy to lift and move around the kitchen.
    • Seasoning: Before use, the kadai needs to be seasoned, which involves coating the surface with oil and heating it to create a non-stick layer that prevents food from sticking to the surface.
    • Maintenance: The kadai needs to be maintained properly, including washing and drying it thoroughly after each use and applying a thin layer of oil to the surface before storing it.
  • Place of origin: Lohaghat, Uttarakhand
  • Product care: Clean and dry the vessel and store it in a dry place
  • Use: Frying and cooking vegetables, ideal for slow cooking.
  • Precaution: Recipes including very acidic foods, like tomatoes and citrus juices, should not be cooked in seasoned cast iron until the cookware is highly seasoned. The high acidity of these foods will strip the seasoning and result in discoloration and metallic-tasting food.
  • Disclaimer: Nominal variation in size, color, weight, shape and etc. may happen as this product is hand-made.
  • Cancellation: If unfortunately, you have to cancel an order, please do so within 24 hours of placing the order.
You can also check out the hammered iron Tawa handmade for you. Note: For any other requirements or bulk orders, please write to us.



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The product will be delivered within 7-14 days of placing the order. Returns will be accepted in case of damage in transit. Please send a picture of the damage within 24hrs of delivery.


10 Inches Diameter

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