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Handknitted shawl, textured fabric | 166cm x 85cm

Handknitted shawl, textured fabric | 166cm x 85cm

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A simply stylish and smart triangular shawl which is all about minimalism. Perfectly handknitted triangle of garter stitch, which looks good and which never loses shape or texture, this soft shawl can be draped over the shoulders to look great with jeans, dresses or saris. Though it rarely slips or falls from busy shoulders, a completely different look appears when you pin it with a favourite shawl pin or brooch, to hold the front together.

Made from high-quality, moth-proof, acrylic yarn to make it an easy-to-maintain wardrobe staple, this shawl will look bright and new for many winters. Add this shawl to your wardrobe, and watch it become your go-to wrap for all occasions. Gift it to a dear friend, and delight her for many a cold winter. Available in a range of neutrals and bright shades, please note that the picture colour may differ slightly from the actual one, due to your screen settings.

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Acrylic Yarn

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166cm x 85cm

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