The story behind the stuff

The story behind the stuff

The idea of starting with crafts and products from Kumaon goes back to 2017 when we were building and starting Nayalap. As a for-profit venture, when we set out with the mission of making some contribution towards stemming Palayan in Kumaon, we realised that we would have to eventually branch out and provide more avenues for entrepreneurship and income generation. We started off with tourism as we were experienced in that.

crafts from Kumaon

Going about crafts and products from Kumaon

Kumaon holds a very deep craft and culinary tradition. A lot of it is already quite famous and attracts aficionados from across the world. Our aim was to be a channel for craftsmen to sell their goods to the rest of the country and only that. 

As a result, we had no inhibitions informing a customer where his product was created or to take our guests to craft workshops nearby.


Making Pahadi Pissi Lyun


Step 1

They say charity starts at home. Well, entrepreneurship starts at home too. So we started out with our pickles and salts (the Kumaoni Pissi Loon). Along with this, we had met and interacted with a group from Kafalkot who were adept at making products in bamboo. In fact, their products were so good that we garnered many customers from the North-East buying bamboo products.

While this was in progress, we also connected with the Coppersmiths of Almora and the Ironsmiths of Lohaghat to procure traditional Kumaoni vessels and utensils. The hammered iron Kadhais, pans and the Bhaddu were especially a big hit. 


Cooking Gahat Dal in a Bhaddu


Step n+1

Now we are channeling our energies into more seasonal collections. We had a great winter and summer stock – stuff that keeps you warm. People specially liked the Pahadi Rajma, the Bhatt and the Gahat dals that keep you warm during the winters. 

We are now working more on the foods - trying to preserve the immense bounty of the land. Stay tuned for the same!

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