3 uses of Walnut Shells

3 uses of Walnut Shells

Walnuts, like bananas are quite useful trees. While the stem makes for precious walnut woods, the kernels are popular especially at this time. However, the shells of walnuts are quite useful too. Here are 3 great ways to use Walnut Shells.

Walnut shells are quite hard and shouldn't be ground in a kitchen mixer. First, break the shells with a hammer and then use a mortar/pestle or an industrial grinder to grind the shells to powder.


 Walnut shells are great for cleaning and have been used as industrial abrasives as they remove the grit and top layer without affecting the layer below. Use it to clean kitchen grit and grime or for utensils. You can also mix it baking powder and water to form a paste to clean toilets.


The exfoliating properties of walnut shell powder are great. Mix it with yoghurt and lime to make a great gentle scrub that you can use especially before stepping out in the winter sun.

Pet Care and Composting

Whole walnut shells do not absorb moisture and are good for pet bedding as they prevent the propagation of bacteria and other germs. Once they've been used, you can throw them into the compost pile. They help in aeration and thus quicker breakdown of the compost.

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